haven't heard of it. linkey?

The only one I read is ctrl-alt-del

which i don't find funny in the slightest. I don't think I've laughed at one of their comics in a long time. It's just become my routine when i've nothing better to do. ehh.
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^ wow i actually almost missed that hahaha iforgot your a genious

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I read QC, Order Of The Stick, LegoStar Galactica, SinFest and Irregular Webomci regularly. and i used to love men in hats
I love reading Order of the Stick, Schlock Mercenary, Ugly Hill, Evil Inc., Erfworld, Turn Signals on a Land Raider, Alien Loves Predator, and Every Nine Minutes. I also enjoyed Concerned back when it was running.

I read too many webcomics.
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You are the greatest. Wow. CaptainWow

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I read ctrl-alt-del, which is brilliant, and cyanide&happiness, which has gone a bit downhill lately.
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Yeah, pretty much my entire social circle is addicted to it...we are those people that sit up on sunday-thursday nights between 11:30 and 12 hitting refresh until the new comic appears.
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^^ strat? i want to get a stratocaster sound though!!

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