Is it really that hard??? cuase my guitar teacher sucks balls and keeps using the same fn scale to solo....... G major or A minor pentatonic and i don't htink he is that good. But also it is hard to find a teacher around here and also my parents cbf.

So any advice i wanna start fresh cause he messed me up pretty bad

ps any good music books out there
Look on craigslist and your newspaper...

Teaching yourself on the internet would help... Learn techniques (Bending, vibrato, legato, etc) Scales, music theory and all. UG has most of em' up.
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Get involved in local musical events
Meet musicians
Jam with musicians

You can learn more from other musicians than teachers.
^That's very true.
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-Esp/Ltd Ec-1000 w/ BKP Mules
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-Oversized Bogner 2x12 Cabinet
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I have been playing for about a year now and I am self taught. Get some dvd's they help alot since you can actually see a technique being used. Other than that just go hang out with some other guitarists.
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Get involved in local musical events
Meet musicians
Jam with musicians

You can learn more from other musicians than teachers.

Yep. Best way to get better is to find three or four other guys and form a band or jam. Takes you to the next level in terms of your playing, especially if you are teaching yourself. Gets you into timing, dynamics, etc. Even if you guys play all Nirvana and Green Day songs, it'll make you a better player.
Been playing about 15 years and I am self taught. I spent the first couple years learning other people's songs. Then I moved on to the occasional instructional video (Marty Friedman, George Lynch, Michael Angelo, Yngwie Malmsteen, EVH(wolf marshall), Paul Gilbert). Also used random scale books(Guitar Grimoire Scales and Modes, Exotic Scales books). Just give it a go without teachers. They can be a waste of money. Put aside the money you would have spent on lessons, and in a couple years you can afford a really nice guitar!
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Alot of people are self taught here (including me) and its not hard. There are plenty of websites out there that give good lessons, also lots of videos on youtube to explain different techniques etc. The disadvantage of being self taught is the theory side, well at least for me. I know that if i had a teacher id prob know alot more theory that i do.
Self teaching just requires dedication and the ability to keep pushing yourself. If you can do that you'll progress just fine. Make sure you find some musicians to jam with too.
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I taught myself, worked well for me. I know another guitarist though who can't do anything unless he's taught how to do it, just depends how receptive you are to teachers I suppose.

Whilst the theory side is good, I find it nice being rather ignorant to it. I know a decent amount of theory however if you're like the guitarist I know you'll only play things that're technically good, so songs with weird notes and progressions are, I think, typically overlooked and won't be written by theory minded folk.

Style might be an issue too, his style could rub off on you and you wouldn't grow into your own style as well as you otherwise would jamming with others and just pissing about.
in some ways being self taught is almost better, it allows you to develop your personal syle insead of having someone else teach you theirs
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I'm having a friend (who have a teacher since the 5 past years) teaching me guitar for about 2 months now and I find it really nice and easy to learn. We do lots of theory at the start of each ''course'' and we play after. We usually do that for a couple hours. I've never benn able to even read a goddamned partition before, but now it's pretty easy. So I dont know if it's me who's good or my friend but it's easy. And he also gave me some methods books, which are useful.
im not self taught and i thank god i couldnt do it, i am very lucky to have a brilliant teacher who plays every style and knows shitloads of theory id recomend searching around for a teacher cause there sould be at least one good one, or take music in school and ask your teacher cause all you really need the teacher for i theory and stuff
The important thing is to be honest with yourself. If you don't need a teacher and you do fine, fantastic, keep it up. If you do need a teacher then there's no shame in getting one.
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