I just got my GE-7 equalizer the other day, and everything seemed fine until i cranked up both distortion and delay. My distortion is a Russian Bigg Muff, and my delay is a Boss DD-3.

The problem is that whenever I play anything loudly with these 3 pedals on at the same time, the delay give me a loud pop that loops as the pedal delays. It doesn't happen with the distortion off, and it doesn't happen with the equalizer off. I don't really understand it, it just kinda seems like my pedals don't like each other. Has anyone ever experienced a similar problem or have any incite?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You're probably boosting the signal of the Muff too much with the Equalizer. So you're getting some uncontrollable feedback that is getting put out there by the delay. Either A: Don't boost so much or B:Get a noise reduction unit. I'd recommend B either way, just because it's nice to have.