Endure pain with strength of will
Maintain calm while time stands still
Stand proud amongst the kings
Rise to power with great wings

Follow orders, brave devotion
All plans forward, set in motion
The battles on, we have try
Give up now, and you die
Theres something left,more to give
Anything, just to live


Bite the bullet
Stand your ground
You've had your ups, now your down
Heres your chance, to fight through it
Stand up and bite the bullet

Waking from a shallow grave
To a world with nothing left to save
Life mangled in devastation
Anger leads to frustration

For a hope,what we seek
Nothingness, all too bleek
From the depths, he will rise
Chaos reigns, from the skies
Unrivaled, one chance left
Rid him of, our worlds theft


Onward towards the gates of hell
Make your way to where he dwells
Here is where I defeat the savage
And restore peace to the ravaged
By the very name you desecrate
I was sent to annihilate
One final lunge
Its your life I expunge