What does everyone think of the laney GH100L. I was looking to buy a Marshall Half Stack but I wont be able to afford one. I havent checked the price on this one but hey what do you think. And any other suggestions are very welcome.

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my friend has the 50 watt version and he loves it....personally id get the 50 watt version so u can drive it harder but depends what its for...pm him with any questions im sure hell be happy to answer them his name is 1570-shred
The TF100 is a good amp, its a bit mental though
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I'm pretty sure that's the model that Paul Gilbert uses on GOOMY, and from that I'd say they're ****in amazing.
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Aren't Laneys more expensive than Marshalls?
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I havent personally played them but I have heard them played and they arent bad. I'm a big fan of Laneys though, so its possible I'm being bias