I found these amazing videos of Trivium Recently playing some older material but Matt Heafy is still doing the Screaming from Ascendecy. The quality is amazing, Crystal Clear on all intrumetns and vocals.

There are Four songs:

Rain: Awesome, Listening to it Right now
Drowned And Torn Asunder: also sweet
Ember to Inferno: Corey on Lead Vocals
Like Light to Flies: My fav of the 4

WRONG FORUM!!! *reported*
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Quote by Antartica.
What do you think about Opeths soft singer, do you think they need that vocalist or is that wut makes them Opeth?

Read the Stickies before you post crap like this. Theres a Trivium thread in the hardcore Forum.

I'll give someone else the honor of reporting this, since I don't actually know how to, rofl. No-one else post.

EDIT: Nevermind, Haha.
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