might be building a custom bass later on, just wondering.

how would ric pickups sound in a custom bass? relatively uhh.. ric-y? will it sound like shit in certain kinds of wood?

i got the idea from paul d'amours bass.. it looks suspiciously like he has ric pickups in that cream bass of his in this video. i hadn't considered ric pickups in my custom build before.
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It looks like a Ric bass to me, with the headstock looking really ric-y and all, might be a Ric custom or a different Ric bass
I've heard that the Ric pickups don't sound that Ric-like, and that a Ric still sounds like a Ric whatever pickup you put in it, but I haven't tried for myself. Why not give it a go? I'd be tempted to route the bass to a standard size and make a fitting to put the odd sized pickups into though so that you could change if needs be.