So, has anyone had any experience with these amps. I bought one on the weekend, but can't find much at all about them, which is weird because it has the best clean channel, and the distortion is also very good. Also, my friend wants to buy one now, so does anyone know if they are still being made?
what kind of Tube Fusion amps?

are you talking about the Laney TFX-1, TFX-2, TFX-3?
I checked MF and there wasn't even any Laney amps on it. It's the TF700 btw.

Hmmmm, yeah it looks like the TFX amps took over the TF100, 200 etc. Probably still the same thing more or less. Has anyone got the TFX?
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I have TFX, I'm really pleased with it. However, having taken it apart and forgettin which way round the wires go, I have found ther is little information about it ont he Laney website, which makes me think its discontinued
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This is the TS, but with a new account. Over the time i have had with it, i have noticed the distortion on it is not so good, and doesnt have any chunk, but i still think it has one of the best cleans i have heard(except the carvin legacy, now that thing is amazing). And yeah, now they have the new TFX amps out, but not the original TF amps.

And Archio, the TFX are the new tube fusion amps which are probably a bit better than the original TF700, TF800 etc amps.

And sam, the TFX arent discontinued.
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