Me and my friends are starting to have a regular campfire/bbq night so...What are some good folkish songs I can rub out on an acoustic for a campfire setting? I realized suddenly that I dont know any good songs O.o

Also..what are some good chords beyond the simple open ones that can make a fun sing a long tune?
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I always find Bad Moon Rising by CCR is good for campfires. Easy to play and everybody knows it so they can sing along. I believe UG has a good tab on it. Heart of Gold by Neil Young is also good, but when people sing along to it they tend to try too hard to match NeilYoung/JamesTaylor/LindaRonstadt's vocals, which is really hard to do. I'd actually go with anything by CCR, because so many people know so many of their hits. You wanna try different sounding chords? Just try moving the various shapes up the neck instead of keeping them all open. A good example is the D shape.
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Just turn on the popular radio station - there's your setlist.

Classic rock basically, and contemporary songs that your friends would listen to. Then, for kicks, learn a Britney Spears tune or something. Things like that always complete the night.
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More Than Words by Extreme. Everybody loves that.
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