The new Psyopus record is absolutely ridiculous. I was bored by ideas of reference due to the production and songwriting,but this is a big step forword. Thicker production,more memorable songwriting,and some of the most insane musicianship I've heard in a long time. Yeah, I understand that the genre of music has been infected with tumors such as Into the moat and The End,but I think it's worth checking out.

Also, I've read the sticky at the top. I know this isn't true metal,and personally I couldn't care less about what stupid genre this may or may not belong to. I think some people here would really enjoy this release.
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Psyopus is a great band. I didn't know they had a new album out, i'll definitely check that out.

As for your sneer towards The End, i think their latest album is pretty nice. Just came out last week i think. I never heard any of their previous work though.
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Pretty friggin hilarious album, and I mean that in the best of ways. The thing friggin jumps all over the place (a lot like Mr. Bungle), and its really great if you're in the mood for a brain scramble.
new psyopus is awesome
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Yeah dude,I hear ya with the whole Mr Bungle vibe. Hah Play some ****ing skynard is great. More bands should do shit like this.

As for the end reference,it was actually a remark on their firstt record. The new record I admit,is completely different from what they were doing. Not my thing,but a cool experimental album nevertheless.