yeah anyone into tard shit like old Anal ****, Sore Throat, Tumor, Seven Minutes of Nausea, The Gerogerigegege, Arsedestroyer, Crawl Noise, Deche-Charge,Erik Disorder,God Awful Stench, etc. here? i always need more bands to check out so give me a supps ....and sorry if there is already a noisecore thread going i didnt see one so i figured id post one
I'm quite fond of Melt Banana.
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noisecore has been used as a term since the 80's according to some reports ive seen (check the link i posted farther down)...so therefore i would say its been established and its quite different then your regular hardcore or grindcore....its not like its something just made up today by me or any of that stuff its a widely accepted term
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I always found noisecore to be grindcore's ugly, retarded sister.
Grindcore is just better.
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yes grindcores better in a structured sense....but noisecore is far less corporately minded then alot of grindcore so in that sense i enjoy it more...but then again i enjoy classical/jazz/extreme metal and many genres so i get where people are coming from when saying its shitty
http://www.cfprod.com/noisecore go to this site and read what this man has to say he'll give you a legit definition of noisecore if you arent familiar with the term click on the opening page and then scroll down and read the section entitled "what is noisecore" (someone has stolen this article and posted it on this site before which isnt cool)
I ****ing love the Gerogerigegege & Sore Throat. 7MON is good too and old AxCx were decent.

My mate just put out a CD by a Finnish one woman noisecore band called Beip, the CD is called "I Like Penis" it's really good.
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I always found noisecore to be grindcore's ugly, retarded sister.
Grindcore is just better.
have you ever seen someones attractive retarded sister?
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I'd kind of rather listen to an established genre with entertaining and memorable qualities.
Tiger style.
i think it is boss and way less corporate then lots of music....grindcore tries to not be corporate and yet there are lots of bands that have corporate ideals....bands like dying fetus as well that sing "**** your corporations and your ****ing record stores" are even more corporate then lots of grind
yeah theres a few cool noisecore bands

extreme smoke 57 was cool, but you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find some of their material.

twodeadslutsonegood**** is also kinda of neat, though weird.
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How many times do you guys bet the suffix "core" hs been used in this sub forum?
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um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
I usually don't like noisecore, but i've got a soft-spot for Flesh Intoxication.

It's just a couple of scenie weenies that scream like girls at random and instead of even using fake drums, all they use is fake cymbals.

So imagine a long, fast double-bass pedal riff, but instead of a bass drum, it's a cymbal.

They kind of suck. But I like them. :/