Ok I've had a look at the stickies and other posts on this page but I can't seem to find a thread for people first starting out with absolutely no idea about amps and no idea what they are doing (this includes me ).

So at the moment I am looking around for an amp to buy. A friend has given me some links to various equipvalent amps in different brands and at the moment I am thinking of purchasing the Spider III. These amps can be found below, could any experienced members give their opinions on them? I like the spider because of the easy to use control interface (a friend has one), host of effects and amp models and the relatively low cost for what you get, but more importantly I liked the sound of the amp. As I say I'm only just starting, some advice would be good:

(All of these amps come in 15W versions too of course)

Line 6 Spider



Are Cubes good amps then generally?

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If you're going for THAT Marshall or THAT Fender, I'd get the Line6 personally.

These are just amps I have seen that seem to be equivalent to each other. Can you recommend any Marshalls or Fenders that you would go for at beginner level?
"The Amp Q and A" stickied thread was meant to be basically beginners-Advance but I must say its crap lol..

And yes cubes are the best beginner amp imo, better than Line 6, Marshall, fender and imo Vox.
cube 60?
Spider has bad digiatal sound, but ok effects, cube has good sound and good effects because they are done by boss! Over-all much better than the Spider!
Spider amps are flat and digital sounding. If you just want something cheap that you can get all different sounds out of, it's fine. But if you want something with a decent tone you should get something else.