Hey I'm a singer/songwriter from Ireland. I have lots of lyrics written but no music for them. I would like to collabrate with different musicians across the net. I'm in acoustic, rock, punk, metal music. You can pm me or email me cjwalker000@yahoo.com if anybody is interested.

Hey im a guitarist/bassist from Dublin. Im interested in doing that kind of music but im bollox with a computer so i havent a clue how i would actually play with you online. BUt if your close by we would jam or something. PM me if your interested. im here anyway.
I'm a guitarist and will play whatever kind of music you want hit me up with a PM if you're intrested.
Hey im a guitarist/bassist from dublin. Im up for that but i havent a clue how i would jam with you online because im braindead with computers. But if your in the area ill jam with you no problem. PM if interested. P.S (I already wrote this but when I went back into it it didnt come up so sorry for posting twice if the other reply is still there.)
I have sent you a PM, contact me if you want to jam.
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