Hi guys,

I'm new around here, so be nice!

I've just decided at long last to unplug my old Boss GT-5 for good. I'm in the process of replacing it with higher quality individual effects.

This is my rig so far

PRS Swamp Ash Special->Rocktron Banshee Talkbox -> Damage Control Womanizer -> Boss PW-10 V-wah -> Mesa Rectoverb

The boss wah is on the list to be sold...any suggestions for a better replacement?

Also, I have a dunlop univibe on the way (single switch) for chorus duties...

So, my shopping list consists of:

Wah, compressor, delay, octave, A/B switcher, another Overdrive or distortion, Noise suppressor, Whammy, fuzz, EQ

I think that should do it...

Here's where you guys come in...

I would like some help with which ones to buy, reasonable budget for each pedal. Not fussed about going for a boutique pedal if it's worth it. I'd like true bypass and analogue as much as possible...

Also, what would a good signal path be? I'd like to have a clean and dirty effects chain that's switchable with the A/B box. Previously I used to just run the GT-5 straight in the front of the amp... which effects should be in my effects loop?

Thanks guys!

I'm no expert but as noone else seems to have replied yet I thought i'd be polite!

Generally I have no clue but i'd say BOSS pedals are generally good.. hope someone else replies for you, I enjoy reading random threads and learning more about pedals

My gear
ESP Horizon II FR (Seymour's with coil tap)
Wesley Explorer/Dominator

Ashdown Fallen Angel 40w DSP

BOSS DS-2 Turbo distortion
BOSS AC-3 Acoustic Simulator
BOSS GE-7 Equalizer
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9
Generally, you want to put distortion and wah between teh guitar and the amp and everything else through the effects loop.

I am a multi-effects guy so I will stay out of the pedal debate.
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Wah- vox V847
compressor- MXR dynacomp
delay- boss dd-3
octave- dunno.
A/B switcher- morley or build your own
another Overdrive or distortion- DOD 250, and then mod it
Noise suppressor- probably boss
Whammy- digitech whammy is the only one worth it
fuzz- build your own?
EQ- fish 'n' chips
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