I am in the market for an SG type guitar and would like to spend $200-$300 on it. Out of the above models, which all fall into my price range, is one much better than the others or is one much cheaper than the others? I need opinions, but please don't make any recommendations based on name brand if you have not tried them yourself. Thanks.
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I had a Goth G400 and it was a solid guitar.

Every Agile that I've played has been good for the price, though I've only played a couple Valkyries.

Don't get the Jay Turser.

If you can, try to see if you can get a Samick Torino. I've played a few of those and they've all surprised me with how nicely they played. They don't have the "neck-heavy" issue that the Gibson/Epiphone SGs have, and they have decent pickups, too.
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I persoanlly hate the dsign of the new Valkryie models. But other then that I would go with the G-400 in this case. I am an Agile supporter when it comes to most of these issues but I just prefer the G-400 in this case. I will be picking one up once I get some extra cash.
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iv got a valkyrie III with flame and it is just as good as my friends gibson sg standard. the only thing its missing is the '57 bucker in the bridge. but seriously, the agile is an amazing guitar for its price. you wont be sorry. and if you are, return it and kurt will take it back no charge.