Some of you may remember what I did to my 70's Strat, I basically went nuts and painted all these designs on it. I realized that it looked pretty ridiculous, so yesterday I decided to sandpaper them off. Up close it looks pretty relic-y now. It's much better than the designs I had on there, that's for sure. Here's what it looks like now:

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I love that guitar. I'm really considering getting one just like it, same specs. It's just beautiful! By the way, do you have any pictures of how the guitar was with all the graphics on it?

Edit: Just looked at the thread, it looks much nicer now, but I like what you were getting at with the designs.
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wow, that looks beautiful, im planning on that, but a '50's strat, not '70's. or i would get a '60's with rosewood. i would also like some pics of the graphics, and the whole guitar now
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Noooooo! Them designs gave the guitar real MOJO.
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good choice. it looked horrible with teh designs(no offense)
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