ive been playing a year now and i know some chords, like 10-20 songs, not full just intros maybe 1 or 2 fulls, and im wondering where i can go from here, i got my strumming up and down right and i can play avenged sevenfold - blinded in chains intro thats sorta fast and i can tap and play sweet child of mine intro. i just dont know where to go, what to learn, songs, chords, that stuff. and i dont know my scales cept 1 i think.


im not even sure if thats right, and i cant go fast on it i can do it in like 5-6 seconds or around there.

and i know some chords

Start learning full songs rather than fills and intros, then. It should take up some time.
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Think outside boxes. I will happily throw things at guitar players who play an E, or an A scale at the 12th fret.

This is your EMin blues scale

A----------------12-13 -14-------------------------------------------------l

try this

Learn more chords........you can never know enough and also learn more scales, after you know your scales you can improvise and make your own stuff up. Also why not try a different type of music to learn............if you like metal for example, branch out and learn finger picking songs or blues stuff etc.

Also learn the rest of songs........its no good just knowing the intro's. You said you can play sweet child of mine intro - learn the solo and fills.
how do i improve my speed cause im having trouble on sweet child intro

and also can anyone show me more scales like the basic scales tabbed out cause i cant read scale diagrams, so just do like i dunno c d e f g a scales or somehtin? maybe a blues scale or two? and i got a chord chart it has 40 chords i think from c to b major to minor seventh, so yeh.
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The pentatonic and blues pentatonic are the two main scales any guitarist should know. Then after that it would probably be Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, and stuff like that. Try a search on Google for "guitar scale generator" or something like that, then you can just type in the scale you want and it will show you how to play it.

I have a guitar scales poster on my wall that has all of the scales and modes used for guitar on it. I got it at WalMart for about $8.

As far as Sweet Child Of Mine goes, make sure you have average alternate picking skill, but I think the main thing to learn about the intro is "economy picking." Which is basically using the pick-strokes (down or up) to use the least amount of movement back and forth with your hand (or something like that). I remember reading it in a Guitar World magazine.

The left hand part on the intro is very easy. Just let up slighty after you play each note so they don't all ring together. I think for the right hand, the picking strokes would be something like: down on D string, up on B string, down on G string, down on G string, up on E string, down on G string, up on E string, down on G string. That's how I've always played it.

Just work on it. Make sure you can play it perfectly at a slower tempo, then slowly speed it up a little at a time until you're playing at full tempo.

Once you get the intro down perfect, try the solo. I learned it a few months ago, and it's fairly easy to learn and to play.
i cant read scale diagrams it has to be in tab form >_> cause i dont know what the hell all the dots are for and stuff like that