wow man this is seriously good. Great song, some nice chords and well structured, some very tasteful playing there. You've also got a great voice, it fitted the song perfectly. The acoustic guitar also sounded really good very professionally.

Good job, I've heard worse songs make much more money.

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I like this a lot because of the chords you are playing. It sounds very refreshing and original. the singing is very good i think this could be a really great song with some drums and bass. not that it isn't good on its own, i just think its too good to NOT add drums and bass. and some backup vocals in the chorus would sound great.

great job

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very, very nice, it sounds very heartfelt. good lyrics, pretty good singing, good guitarwork. id say the guitar mightve sounded better mic'ed up for this song, but it was still well done. i agree with another post, some backup vocals (especially doubling the guitar melody) in the chorus wouldve been awesome. great tune, keep it up
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