Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice or a solution to a problem im having.

I currently own a Japanese Fender Telecaster ('52 Reissue) and a Marshall AVT275 amp.
The problem I am having is when I play any chord containing anymore than three notes, it is like all the notes are clashing together and the chord sound comes out really crappy, making it sound really rough and harsh (I try play this with the bridge pick-up by the way, on the clean channel).
I have tried adjusting pick-up height, tone and volume control on the guitar, tone controls on the amp but I cant find anything to help the situation - I generally make it worse by getting a muffled and, as people refer to it as, "muddy" sound or just too trebley and awful sounding.

Does this sound like a pickup/electrics problem that needs looking at or could it be the amp?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

many thanks,

I think it's your amp mate, try adjusting some settings on there, if you can try adding some chorus, not too much just a bit (always helps me even with my crappy MG)
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leave the controls on your guitar alone for a start, turn everything up full there.

Then go to your amp, put all controls straight up. (dunno whats on that amp but i'm guessing gain, bass, mids, treble at least). My AVT100 has a gain booster for the clean channel, make sure that's off.

Now play a chord, You'll probably want to adjust the mids, gain and treble.

I find a good clean setting at bass:7/8 mids:3/4 treble:5/7. I also have the gain around 3/4 with the gain booster on, but if you're looking for a less trebley sound 3/4 without the booster would probably sound good to you.
Hey, thanks for the quick reply.

I have tried adjusting all the tone controls, the clean channel knob both ways (the manual says the lower this is, the warmer sounding is and the higher it is the more the pre-amp tube is saturated) and the volume. I try to avoid the effects on the amp but have tried all the reverbs and chorus but nothing helps.

As I mentioned above i am using the bridge pick-up, but when I use the neck pick-up the clashing is less noticeable and chords dont sound as bad - almost unnoticable and sounds more like a nice full sounding chord. The only problem with this is it obviously gives a bassier sound which is not what I am trying to get.

Does anybody have anymore ideas?

hmm, you sound like a noob who doesn't know what he's doing. You should get an experienced friend to take a look. Either that or start playing acoustic.
Yes, it is in tune.
How does my problem make me a "noob"? I have tried to solve my problem but couldn't, so came here for help to see if anybody with experience, especially with pick-ups and electrics in a guitar - which to be fair I wouldn't know what I'd be doing if I took it apart to test the wiring, could tell from what I have said if they had any idea what might be at fault.
I have an acoustic (also in tune by the way) which sounds beautiful when playing the same chords and notes, I just can not get a nice sound on my telecaster on the bridge.
in my opinion it doesn't sound like an electrical problem. it's either crap pick ups, a crap amp or a noob who doesn't know how to get a decent tone out of an amp.