I just want to what would be a good beginning guitar for noob! I want to play punk rock, and I just want to make a good purchase. So, let me hear some suggestons
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I just want to what would be a good beginning guitar for noob! I want to play punk rock, and I just want to make a good purchase. So, let me hear some suggestons

How much do you have?
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avoid cheap ass strat replicas. And if you absolutely have to go that route get one by a decent brand.

For punk rock almost anything will do.

find a decent shop with a good reputation for giving good advice, ask em whats good in your price range. reccomendations are all well and good, but it's really down to individual preference and what feels most playable to you in the end.
squire strat or ibanez gio guitar packs. good begginer guitars, and they include practice amps and picks and such

people bash these guitars but they are good for begginers. dont buy an expensive guitar because you dont need it yet. once you figure out your styke andd what tone you want, then buy the Les Paul, or Strat, or whatever. You say you like punk, but everyone's style and taste in music can change once you pick up an instrument.

a good guitarist can make a bad guitar sound good. but a good guitar cant make a bad guitarist sound good
Get something like a les paul or a sg replica... they have a nice thick crunchy sound, epophone makes some good ones.
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You are a beginner and after you get a guitar you'll will have to learn it too. So why dont you find a good teacher with good reputition first. Surf the internet, talk with other guitarists in school or neighborhood and discuss with them ABOUT THE TEACHER! Then if you find a good teacher then i think he'll be humble enough to guide you to start. Any shopkeeper would not guide you right because no matter if there daily church visiting catholics, they still might talk business you dig.. and as someone up said, a good guitar does not make a good guitarist neither do bad guitars and vice versa. But good guitars make the learning processs easy.So dont go for the best but simple.
Sorry about that I have like 200 to spend, i know the guitarist makes the guitar. I dont want a bootleg guitar that sucks and breaks easy. I just want something nice on which I can practice and is inexpensive. I do not want to make a bad purchase thats all. I just want to hear some suggestions
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For a starter electric guitar, I think the very best is a Behringer iAXE393 for the following reasons:

1) It's cheap. Only $120.

2) The 3 Single coils will help you develop your ear because of the different tones you can get from 5-way switching.

3) It's got a trem that you can learn goofy trem-crap on .

4) It plugs into your computer and runs off of amp modeling software so you don't have to waste money on a crappy amp that you'll want to get rid of later on.

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