how do i play a mute notes? heres an example

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Lightly rest your index finger over the muted string enough so that it doesn't produce any sound when hit.
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Well, basically, if you say, hold down the 4 with your index, and the 6 with your ring (i use my pinky, but that's cuz I have small hands), and then just let your index finger touch you're A string (not fretting, but just touching the string), so that it doesn't ring out (you might get a harmonic, but over the sound of the other two notes, it'll never be heard).

If that doesn't make sense I'm sorry. I couldn't find a less awkward way of explaining it.

thats the most popular way, but my favoured method is to fret it like the power chord (-466-) and lightly mute the 6 with my 3rd finger.