Thinking back to the bass you first learned on, would you buy that same bass again if you had to learn from scratch? Do you still have that first bass? What was it? Why did you chose it?

If you wouldn't have got it again, what do you wish you'd bought instead?
At the end of the day, it was a good bass to learn on. it was a Westfield P-bass copy, and it withstood my abuse to it. If it was 3 years ago and i had the money i would have bought something better, but it was perfect for my experience and what i paid (£150 for bass/amp/cable/strap)
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No, my first bass was awful. I got it the Christmas before the one just gone, and it was a Johnson copy of a Fender Jazz. However, it was stupidly heavy and the action was so high on it I was unable to play any other bass because I oculdn't ge the hang of pressing on the strings lighter than usual. Since I was a bit of a bass noob I never tried to adjust it and so I found it hard adjusting to my current one. It was only £120 with an amp, and it got me through, but wasn't good to play and wasn't good during performances. I chose it because I knew nothing of basses, only that they 'had four strings and so were easier' (what I thought), and I liked the colour, all white.

If I was to get a first bass again, I would get an Ibanez, simply because I know now how good they are to play.
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My was a Washburn Force ABT B-10. Actives, active/passive switch, quite light. yeah it's a decent bass, quite old now though as i bought it second hand from a mate. if he hadnt have been selling it, i'm not even sure i would be playing bass right now.

I would happy learning on that bass again, yeah. It's solid and has great, great tone. not that i realised at the time.
Mine was a Squier P-Bass, and I think I have a pretty good one, still use it ocasionally (although im repainting it now). I chose it because the guy at my music store said it was a good bass for the price, and I really liked (and still like) the looks of it
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Thats the bass I started on.It's a Peavey Fury V.I used it for almost three years and in one band.I definitly prefer my current bass over that one but that one is still good.
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Yamaha RBX 170, its lasted me well, still being used as a backup for my fender and it still gets played a bit. I dont think i could have wished for much more really, i bought it because it felt nicer than any of the squiers or staggs i tried out and i liked the candy apple red colour
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I still got my first bass (Squier P Bass), i got it as a gift from friends of mine, so no complains about the price
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my one and only bass is my Ibanez EDB-400 i would buy it again and i love it
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Epi AccuBass ('93). I still have this bass and I wouldn't recommend learning on one, since the action is ridiculously high from the factory. However, it gave me a really strong left hand and great shoulder muscles, since its a tank at almost 13 lbs. If I had to go back again, I would have probably started on a J bass, but the Epi was a gift, so it also has some sentimental value as well.

My plan this summer is to replace the pups with some P-bass pups and get a new pickguard. I've grown to really like it more over the past year and its solid maple body has a nice tone despite the low end factory electronics.
I bought a Hartke bass pack and I have very few complaints. It's light and the fretboard is nice. I think the headstock is a little ugly but apart from that i'm glad i bought the pack. Plus, the 15W Hartke amp is great to use, for a practice amp anyway. And it only cost me £180 which i thought was a good price.

I still use this bass (as i've only been playing for 6 months).

A picture..
Same as BassistGal...I got a Squier P Bass, yea it wasnt the best of basses but eh, it worked and I accually did some adjustments to it, and have had it for 8 years now, and still play it. I did go over to guitar, but I still love rocking out on the bass.
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Squire Jazz bass, and still my only one. For the price (£170) its was a fantastic buy. Looks great, solid, fairly good tone.

Great to learn on, as the thin neck makes it so easy to play, and is really comfortable.

However, if I had to chose again, I would save up for a Fender Jazz, or an Ibanez which would be a bit more expensive, but for a much nicer tone.
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My first and current bass I got about 16 months ago is a black Squier P Bass and I've modded it a bit lately, I'm going for a Fender American Jazz or a Jaguar or similiar next.

Basically it was great to learn on and I picked everything a very quickly the tone is superb and although it's starting to fall apart I still love it to pieces i'd recommend it to anyone starting out.
Mine was branded Tenson and was a black P copy. I wanted it because it looked like the one Nick Oliveri used! It had its flaws - the J pickup had been put in the wrong way around and so the output of the two pickups cancelled out when both were at the same volume! That said it didn't sound bad and it did a few parties etc! The neck has warped though (probably due to mistreatment and me wanting to change tunings all the time) but it's still playable. I gave it to my sister but I don't know how much she plays it - I think she mostly dabbles on her bfs Fender MIA.

I wouldn't buy the same one again and I don't feel anything for it. I bought a guitar not long after and while I am definately a bassist I feel completely different about the two instruments. If I was starting again I'd probably get a Yamaha for a first bass just because of the great necks even on the cheapest models. Playability is the most important thing in a starter bass!
I learned on an Ibanez ATK300, which is fantastic, but I'd probably set my aim lower if I were to start over again, like an Ibanez GSR200, Squier Affinity Jazz, Yamaha RBX170. I've still got it, but I don't really use it much, since I'm probably gonna return it to my dad, who lent it to me, sometime.
i would either buy it, or as Maxterbat0r said, a GSR200, they are lovely, i played a friends and i didnt want to give it him back
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Fullerton P-bass ripoff...as cheap as it is, I have few complaints. I still have it today, and it's still the only bass I've ever owned (although I plan to change that once I get the money)

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I've still got it, too. I'd buy it again, too, if I had to start over from scratch.

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I'd buy it again though, its a solid bass, still in good playing condition years later. Alllowed me to get a better amp because of the good price too.
My first bass! A Washburn XB100... A really nice bass guitar IMO...

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I've still got it, too. I'd buy it again, too, if I had to start over from scratch.

I wish I had red one

They only make black ones lefty though

my first bass. i would never buy it again it was apsolutely appalling to play it felt bad, it sounded bad and as a result its in component form on my bedroom floor ready to be turned into a white fretless with p/musicman pickup config.
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Mine was an ESP F104, and i love it to bits, the action is the smoothest i've ever played on a bass. the strings are practically laying on the fretboard, and there's no fret buzz. after a pickup change (because i find the stock ones quite muddy), it would sound great. I would definitely buy this bass again, any day.
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My first bass was a Silvertone Revolver, I bought the bass pack for $200.

It looks a lot darker than it looks in the picture. I still have this bass, it seems to be working pretty good for me. I've only been playing for 2 months.
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I love it so far, Im just ampless ATM lol
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I'd buy it again though, its a solid bass, still in good playing condition years later. Alllowed me to get a better amp because of the good price too.

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you guys got nice beginner basses. i got a really plain one that is uber reliable, i dropped it a few times on purpose to put DINGS in it and it didnt stuff up :p