Hi everybody

These days i feel like the time i spend on guitar practicing is just useless, i think i haven't made progress during the past 2 months

I have about 2 hours a day free, how can i make the best practice timetable ? How do you practice ? thanks
I read the lessons and the tabs posted on this website...and apply what I learn to what I play...
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Hmm, I wouldn't expect to see much improvement within such a small time frame as two months, especially if you start out and don't know how to practice.

The way I practice, I do things whenever I want to, which makes it always remain fun; luckily I always want to do it, so there's no problems there.

When I want to practice something, I break down a piece of music. At the moment I'm learning the solo to DragonForce's Once in a Lifetime, so I have broken the presolo down into different parts; I have a few patterns to learn, so I practice them slowly and make sure I know exactly what I'm playing, to the point of playing it slowly but perfectly. Eventually, I can speed it up.

It depends on what you want to practice really, but you can apply the same thing. Want to learn how to play chords better? Take open C major, and finger it, then start strumming it. Then play the strings individually. Then try taking another chord, such as G major, and do the same thing, then slowly work on switching between them.

When I was at your level of experience, I was most interested in learning as much as I could, as long as it was within my skill level, stuff that I could play with a little practice. If you do that, you'll notice yourself getting better more easily. Instead of doing, say, a shred solo slowly, try some simply pentatonic licks; gotta walk before you can run.

And perhaps last but not least, get into new music. When I first started, I was pretty ignorant to music... nearly totally ignorant, didn't even know what simple punk music was. Start searching for new bands on Wikipedia within genres that you know you like. Then start reading up on genres, and sampling a few artists. Find out what you like! Then learn some songs, or a few riffs or licks from them. Great fun, and good for expanding tastes and knowledge. Don't discount songs first off if you don't like them; keep them in mind, you might like them later. I can't count how many times I've gone back to my downloaded samples, only to find a goldmine.

That's about all that I can offer... I'm sure others have plenty of advice too. Try to make your practice fun. Remember to play your guitar, and not just use it.
it might be helpdul if you tell us how you spend your practice time,,,that way we could make some suggestions as to what in addition you could be doing, or if something isnt beneficial to you,,,

my practice routine for the past 7 months or so has been
major scales - 15 minutes
minor scales - 15 minutes
chromatic scales - 10 minutes
major sweeps - 10 minutes
minor sweeps - 10 minutes
atonal sweeps - 10 minutes (I dont always include these if i dont have the time)
then i'll read some jazz stuff out of my realbook for maybe 30 minutes or so
and then work on writing stuff for however long i feel for,,,,ranging from maybe 15 minutes to an hour and a half or so

my regimen isnt nearly as intense as some other peoples im sure,,,,but even just the scalar and arpeggiated things if done every day will help your playing immensely in a little time,,,

the main thing that will help your playing is repetition,,,,find something you can stomach to play over and over again and do it with a metronome and your fingers will start to do more difficult things with ease,,,or at least greater ease than before,,,,

i hope this helps some
Dude, when I started out, I didn't see any improvement for something like 5 months!

I gave up on guitar for a year. Then, I discovered metal.

It just made me pick up my greasy old Kapok, change the strings to Martins, and play!

No matter how much my fingers hurt, I didn't stop. Now, I'm quite glad for what I did.
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the typical advice is make a schedule and practice constantly

the way i do it is practice techniques for example pull-off or hammer ons andi keep doing those till i reach better speeds practice bends, vibratos,sweeps etc

i completely suck when they tell me play a song but i have very good technique though

you can learn songs too try finding songs that challenge you a little nothing too extreme or easy because you will no progress

so it really depends on what you wanna concentrate

technique,songs,musical theory
What are you poor in?

Fast upstrokes? Flexible right hand technique (could you play everything you currently start with a downstroke with an up?)?

Can you honestly say you're clean as a whistle? Can you improv both melody and harmony? Can you learn songs by ear? Can you tap well? Can you explore all different dynamic levels (loudness!) on your instrument?

If you've answered yes to all of these, you're lying or you're guthrie govan.
I don't really have a schedule set in stone.

I don't read music at home because I am in Independant study guitar at school and practice classical guitar there.

At home,
I go through chromatic exercises, then go through all my scales in their respective positions. Every week I practice in a different key. All this is with a metrenome of course and in different patterns.

After that I take a break.

Then whenever I feel like it, I jam to a backing track, and try to improve on my imrpov.

At various points throughout the day after that I play songs and just play guitar.

Probably not the best way to practice but w.e, i'm doing alright.