Okayy i'm STILL in the quest to find a high gain tube amp that has nice cleans/tone.
I love Opeth - it'd be ideal for the amp to be able to handle extreme high gain and nice crisp cleans/accoustic interludes like them.
I tried out a Genz Benz El Diablo 60 head and cab in my local guitar store yesterday and I was quite impressed, but I was thinking if i was going to go around that price range then I'd check some other amps out first to be sure..
So i was thinking;
Peavey 5150/6505 - Heard this should have enough gain, but cleans aren't that great
Peavey Triple XXX - Heard this has nice cleans and nice gain, but not as much gain as 5150.
Genz Benz El Diablo 60 - Nice gain and cleans but still want to check out other amps first
Laney GH50L - amp that Opeth use, i think it has nice cleans but not enough gain without further pedals etc.

Mehh opinions on what would fit me best please? I'm going to try find a shop with these amps in them to test them soon.
The Genz Benz is a great amp, the only Peavey that I think might beat it out for you is the JSX.
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I like the Peavey XXX's distortion. It shouldn't matter if the 5150 has more gain. The XXX I tried sounded brutal enough for anything with the gain at 5. I thought the cleans were too thin, but that might have been the Strat I was trying it out with.
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Try out the Peavy JSX I just got one and I liked it way better than the 5150 or the XXX, way more versatile. I tested them out side by side at the store.
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I've never played the Genz Benz, but in terms of a fluid lead channel, the 5150 blows other amps out of the water. I've played XXX's, Marshall Jcm2000, and Mesa Triple rectifiers that didn't touch the sound of the 5150. But if your guitar uses EMG's, you can kiss your cleans goodbye; however, with a strat neck pickup I've gotten great cleans on my 5150II
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Not tried the genz benz but Ive heard a couple, sound a little over processed, kinda like a multi fx cheapness to it. Not a fan.
The XXX is nice but the JSX is far better, its just a tweaked and more refined. JSX sounds really good, reminded me of a hot rodded Marshall. Really versatile.
Peavey 6505+ is my choice of the three. The cleans arent nearly as bad as everyone says. I think they get the bad rap because you only had one set of eq on the original 5150's ond couldnt really balance the eq for the channels. The + is loads better and with a chorus and delay I think they sound really nice. The gain is the stuff of wet dreams for me, Ive chosen one over a Diezel VH4 so they cant be that bad.
If you decide to with Peavey and you want metal you want a 6505. 5150 is good but I think the 6505 will deliver in the cleans better for the same reasons Jonnyguitarman said. But I think that Genz Benz just delivers a little extra all around. I really enjoy the Genz Benz, and if thats the one your most impressed with go for it. Just remember you can always have amps modded if you really want.

So to me it sounds like your options are:
1. Buy a 5150/6505, which the cleans arent as bad as people say, and worst case scenario is you have to buy and EQ pedal to get the clean tone you want....big deal.

2. Buy a XXX or a JSX and IMO not have that true metal sound, that the 5150/6505 and the Genz Benz will deliver.

3. Buy the Genz Benz and get a tone you said you were impressed with and be happy with your new killer amp.

AND 4. Save up a bit, dont rush things, look around at things like VHT, Soldano, Bogner, and ENGL and be sure your completely happy with your choice.
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XXX cant get that true metal sound? You're out of your mind son.
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you can't go totally wrong with any of them. I haven't owned any, but have tried them all out, or played on a friends.

I love the gain the Genz Benz has. I was really close to get an El Diablo combo this weekend, the 60 watt 112 model, but the seller wouldn't respond to my emails until today, 2 days after I bought something else! blah!

I would try them all. they're all high gain but offer different nuances that different players prefer over the other. I know the El Diablo is probably the most difficult to get ahold of, so you may have to have blind faith in the demo videos and user reviews.

best of luck.
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1.) If you decide to with Peavey and you want metal you want a 6505. 5150 is good but I think the 6505 will deliver in the cleans better

2.) Buy a XXX or a JSX and IMO not have that true metal sound

1.) They're the same amp.

umm, well personally the genz benz has a bit more of a crunch and lots of bass. I looooove teh sound of the genz benz diablos. The xxx was absolute shit imo. The 5150 was alright, the cleans could always get better, but it isnt' a horrible issue.

Personally I think you'll be very happy with an el diablo, but then again if you think you shoudl look around for other amps. Then you might not like it. Shop around until you fidn that one amp you can't part with. Or you always fidn yourself playing time and time again even when your surrounded by other great amps.
I'll go with a bunch of other people on this and say, try the Peavey JSX. I own it, and it's extremely versatile.
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1.) They're the same amp.


1)I know that...I must have forgotten the "+" after the 6505. So because of the fact that people get hung up on little things rather than actually listening to the point of the post I will edit....

**EDIT** think the 6505+ will have better cleans. SO like I said...for the reasons jonnyguitarman said....the cleans will be better due to more EQ options.

2) IMO the XXX and the JSX dont deliver the high gain and dark tones that the 6505/5150. I think we can all agree on that. Out of the Peavey amps the 6505/5150 is the best one suited for Opeth style metal. The El Diablo on the other hand is a whole different animal and at that point it becomes a matter of preference.
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1.) They're the same amp.


You dont have alot of friends do you...

Learn to qoute properly, then verbally attack, a good example, would be this post.

6505 "+" is indeed a great amp, has better cleans, then the XXX and has a nicer gain structure IMO. The XX is as staed many many many many many times in this forum, a very steril, cold sounding amplifier.

The El diablo, has a rich, warm, very musical sound, VERY versitle, and has a low price tag, maybe this is the rout for the TS to go, however, the 6505 (not "+") would have a more desirable metal tone.

I find that little "+" to be a good thing for cleans, and a bad thing for the Dist. channel..

Also, If it is in your price range TS, look into, a used,, Mesa Mark IV short head, cheaper than the New amps listed above, it has a CRUSHING metal tone, studio worthy cleans, and it is eay to get an amazing sound out of, no real fiddleling for a decent tone..
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Honestly. An Opeth tone is pretty easy to get. That and the fact that they've used loads of different amps to get generally the same tone proves that its pretty easy to get an opeth tone.
I'm a XXX owner (up for sale) ...not sure who told you that 5150/6505 has more gain... that's the furthest thing from the truth. Honestly, the XXX has TOO much gain. I set my gain at 10:00 o'clock.

I'm not a fan of the 5150/6505 for the simple reason they have limited tone, grainy, and not so good cleans.

With that said... the XXX/JSX are 3 channels and under-rated cleans. Wayyyy more versatile, and if you really like that 5150 tone, don't worry, cuz the xxx/jsx can trump that grainy tone also. (It's all peavey)

My vote goes to XXX/JSX.

Btw, xxx/jsx are both very similar amplification... They have different brand of tubes and bias differently from the factory.

I upgraded my tubes to JJ6L6s and JJ 12ax7s and biased it... all I could say was, WoW! Very nice cleans indeed. Absolutely amazing! My friends love the cleans I get from my xxx now.

5150 / 6505 can't compete with that. I think the reason why so many shy away from the XXX/JSX and down talk it, is because it has too many moving parts and adjustments for them to get a handle on and figure out. If you suck at setting an EQ, then I suggest the 5150.

But don't take my word for it, go play them for yourself...

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JSX without doubt man, I have one and I play Opeth/Insomnium/Arch Enemy and basically everything with the most amount of gain on the planet, it can handle it with ease.
The fact that you said it doesn't have the "dark" tone of the 6505/5150, you clearly never thought of switching the EL34 Tubes with 6L6's, because it'll match up with the 6505 in darkness with ease.
The cleans with the JSX are simply amazing, they are sparkly yet warm, very fluid with the most amount of headroom for a high gain amp that I've ever played.
And besides those two points, the 6505 lead tone is generative in my opinion, yet the JSX's lead tone is liquidy smooth, and abnormally versitile.
Later on in life you might want to rock out some classic rock tunes, or even blues, and you will never be restricted with the JSX.

But to tell you the truth, if this paragraph hasn't gotten you leaning towards the JSX, then hit up your nearest dealer, and play all the amps in question. At the end of the day, you won't have a doubt in your mind which amp you'll be leaving with.

Thats my two cents.
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Thanks for everyone's input.
Lol I'm definitely going to have to go in a shop and try all these amps out now :P
Keep posting if you wish