I didn't see any other forums related to guitarist problems so I'm posting here.

The problem is that my little fingers on my hands are bent, dunno how, but they are like curved inwards and it looks like they have been broken in the past. But anyway will this affect how well I can play, for example sweep picking. I've included a picture below, please help. If I have to I'll just have my finger broken and reset.

My fretting hand (left) :

Thanks for the help,

well, is it immobile? or just tough to move? If so, you can always play without it, you have all the dominant fingers still. You'll just have to find some sort of alternative, like Tony Iommi.I dont think it should affect your playing at all
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My finger is exactly the same!! i've wondered the same thing. I can't really move it smoothly, it kinda moves in stages....
On closer inspection, i think mines bent a tad more tho.
i broke my hand a few years ago and never bothered to have it looked at. almost all of my fingers on my left hand are bent that way now, and to be honest, it may affect it at first, but you can adapt to it. you should be fine.

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I have the same thing, its a genetic defect. I have it on both hands on my pinkies, and it doesn't seem to affect it too much, not saying that i'm steve vai or anything.
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yeah mine are exactly the same and ive never had problems with sweep picking. Not to do with that anyway,
Nah, wont affect your playing at all. I broke my ring finger a while ago and never got it checked out, now its permenantly bend awkwardly and it doesnt affect my playing in any way.
whoh thanks for all the repies, this place is very active

I can move the finger ok but it seems to be tricky when playing diagonal sweeps, maybe its just that I'm new to sweeping and not very good with my little finger.

Thanks everyone