I am new to playing and just got started with my first acoustic . I can play some songs, BUT once I start to try and sing I lose it and get all off beat. I am not sure how to correct this or work on it. Anyone have any advice. Thanks guys

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The solution to most problems: PRACTICE! Get so that you can really easily play the song without thinking about it, and then try singing over it. Maybe try playing along with the cd to keep you on beat. Start with something easy.
when i first started playing guitar i found it pretty difficult to sing and play at the same time. But i think as you get better on the guitar, the easier it becomes to sing and play at the same time. it helped me to think of the beat in my head and sing and play right on the beat. also, try to learn the songs well on guitar alone, and singing alone; then put them together and it should be easier.

hope that helped

It all depends on the song. I found Wish You Were Here to be an easy sing, as was Hurt by Johnny Cash. You have to play it a lot, as mentioned above, so you don't have to think about it.
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Yes - these guys are completely correct. Basically practice the song and learn the lyrics so that when singing and playing them independently of each other, you won't need to think. Then practice slowly and build up to the proper tempo. I found when I started singing while playing instruments that easy strumming/chording patterns are much easier to start off with.

Once you're comfortable with singing and playing it helps to practice fluency when changing chords. It will also be necessary to learn as many chords as possible and be able to change between any of them within a semi-quaver (or as close to it as possible unless the song calls for otherwise). It also really helps if you don't have ot look at your guitar neck while playing, especially if you don't know the words/chords and are using a tab for them to help.

Hope that helped.
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I can switch chords and such with my eyes closed, I been playing about 6 months now. So chord wise I am pretty solid. Switching between chords is easy enough on MOST chords, but once I start singing it is like I lose the beat and just total screw it up from then on out. Even songs I know front to back, both singing and playing. Sucks cause I can't get past this hurdle and it is a BIG one. A major one.

thanks guys
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I started trying to sing about 3-4 months after I started playing. I wasn't good at it at all and I couldn't strum correctly. I thought I was challenged in the brain or something lol. I think the first song I was actually able to kind of sing and play was audioslave's "doesn't remind me", which was the second song I ever learned to play on my guitar. So just find an easy song with very few chords and then just practice. it was still a few more months later until I got comfortable with singing though. I didn't get comfortable with singing until I learned how to play "upside down" by jack johnson which was probably 8 months after I started playing. So just keep practicing bro, your not the only one who has or had the problem.
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if your having problems start out by changing your strumming pattern to a basic 1 2 3 4 strum while you sing... then add some variations once you get that down pat... then try to play the strum pattern of the song... I am an ex drummer so my limbs are all pretty indipendent and singing came naturally when I picked up the guitar, but you really have to practice a lot... and 6 months is a good time to start trying to sing along with yourself but just understand that there are a lot of things that arent commited to muscle memory.... having a specific strum pattern commited to muscle memory will let you focus on singing and you will get it then... also, try talking to someone while your playing a song.... if you can talk to someone and hold a conversation while strumming a song and stay in time then you can sing along (b.t.w. holding a conversation while playing is pretty tough, i have been playing for about 4 years now and I still have trouble with it) hope this helps... keep on practicing.. and when you have practiced to the point that you hate guitar and can't go on... practice some more!...
As everyone is saying PRACTICE!!!!!!!! im only 14 my sininging is shit to me.
once you have the chords down just try to sing my problem too playing with the cd really helps
C@sper is right just practice to sing hotel california is a good place to start the lyrics and chords just keep repaeating
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