Can u find out for me where to get that Edwards alexi saw tooth(Edwards E-AL-120). Im gonna buy one in the summer but for example katana at eBay...does he run a shop or somethin? coz it would be great to know i will have availability to one of those guitars even though i wait till i start working for some big €€€ bucks....well i appreciate the help u can give me....im also going to upgrade my gear...sell my peavey studiopro 1x12 65 watt and my ESP LTD MMV SN coz it aint my style just...i know alexi is...and finally the Boss metal zone...instead ill get a spider 3 hd150 with harley benton or behringer cab...so...help needed guys
um i dont understand what ure asking 2nd sentense grammars a bit off but ok well first whereare u? america? britain? or somewhere in europe?
i was kinda in a hurry well first...im from Europe(Finland to be precise) And im looking for a ESP Edwards E-AL-120 Saw tooth guitar. I just want to find a place i can buy it and where i can wait until summer coz then ill have a job and be safe to pay that expensive stuff. Meaning a place that has one of those guitars whenever you need one.

heres link to the katana seller i told about: http://cgi.ebay.com/Edwards-SG-CHERRY-Lacquer-Top-W-Duncan-PU-s_W0QQitemZ120092257091QQihZ002QQcategoryZ33038QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

the problem is i need to wait till may-june and im worried i wont get my hands on the guitar.
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Check out Ishibashi Music. They carry the Edwards line including the saw tooth.
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hmm checked out both...i dont mean to be picky but im looking for an alexi laiho sound(Not to be wannabe but its my style). And the most affordable ive found is the Edwards E-AL-120. I like it. but theyre quite hard to find. I still appreciate your tips so far...gives me more options Does anyone have experience with the alexi signature of edwards? if so...how does it compare to like ESP standards? And in what way better/worse

And only place i found the ****in E-AL-120 on sale was eBay..and i dunno if i can trust those guys really...
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I bought one of these off that guy on ebay, katana guitars or whatever, and i couldnt be more pleased with it. its such an amazing guitar. edwards are only sold in japan so id say ebay is ur easiest bet to get one. katana guitars give excellent service, mine arrived(to ireland) in 4 days, and not a scratch on it.

oh and you might want new pickups, because it comes with HZs and the quality isnt great..
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Well... The new RR24 that just came out in January of this year is basically the same as Alexi's. One EMG pickup and one volume and etc, and can even the stripes you like. I don't really think the ESP Edwards are worth it, ESP makes 2 signature models for Alexi one thats $3k and one that is around $1300, that American Dollars, and I'm not talking about those crappy rip off ones that are produced for USA with the lower wing bigger (bleh) But, I suggest going for the cheaper of the ESP modules (not the Edwards ESP, the non-Edwards ) I will try and find a link for one for you. PM me and I'll find it and send it too you, I was looking into buying one before, but decided to go with the Jackson RR24, instead of ordering one from Finland.
omg :O well i have serious thoughts of getting jackson rr24 too...it seems to be so great. With the cheaper esp...do you mean a ESP LTD MMV? thats what i have now its white with black pinstripes and 2 emg Hz-h4...the floyd is crapping out on me so i dont really like it as much anymore...so i buy either edwards or jackson rr24

P.S You who have the edwards...do you mean katana is selling those guitars all the time? that it just wasnt 1 guitar he sold? i mean....so i dont have to rush and buy it in fear of someone buying it before me and me being left out well ill still see into RR24...probly go and test it too...
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ESP makes 2 signature models for Alexi one thats $3k and one that is around $1300, that American Dollars, and I'm not talking about those crappy rip off ones that are produced for USA with the lower wing bigger (bleh)

incorrecto my matey. ESP produce quite a lot of Alexi sigs. i think it is somewhere in the region of 7 or 8 half of those would be the custom shop versions and the other half are just the normal ESP signature series
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ok got that loud and clear how about a marshall mg100hdfx with a MG412A(or wtf it was)...
^^^ no!

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Why the **** not?:O say a better amp for the price:O you should count in i am 15 and have minimum budget...and i can only work in the summers so i dont really afford expensive ass tubeamp:P
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All I know is, I've played all the ESP Alexi's. I've played the American ESP and LTD's. I've played the sawtooth Edwards once.

In terms of quality ALL of them SLAY the Jackson RR...

Jackson in general has been slipping in quality over the years IMO. Also, all this crap about an "imitation" you people really need to get your heads out. I'm going for the better guitar. I'm not going to pay more to get an RR24 because it's tr00!! when I can pay less and get an Edwards Alexi.

Either way, I still hate the fact that people flip when they see the price of the RV's. They are all CUSTOM SHOP! It's almost like underpaying. Either way, the 398 is going to be my next guitar...
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yeah thats what ive been suspecting too but its so hard since i havent tried an jackson rr24 and goddammit i love the alexi laiho edwards(looks and i suspect its great played too) but i dont love being called an wannabe for getting a guitar i just dream about...thx for the info...you confirmed my thoughts a bit