I've read alot about pinch harmonics and I still cant do em, I have a quick question...

I know that for natural harmonics you have to have your left hand in a certain place on the fretboard. But. for Pinch harmonics I read that your RIGHT hand has to be somewhere?? So I have to be picking right next to the bridge? or next to the neck? I am using an Epi Les Paul Jnr...and it only has one humbucker pickup. So If my right hand has to be in a certain position up or down the strings...where?? (I dont mean a tap harmonic, I know the differnce between that and pinch)

But where do I pick with my right hand??

And any other tips for harmonics? (I've read the lessons and stuff on them on UG already )

Why cant I get it!?!
with pinch harmonics where you put your right hand changes the sound. if im fretting the 3rd fret and i do a pinch harmonic on the neck an octave up but the same note, the pinch harmnoic will sound like the note you are fretting mut higher. if im on the 12th fret, i would do it where the 24th would be or i could even go higher. but that doesnt mean thats the only thing i can do. i can pinch where ever i want...it just harmonizes a different note with the freted note and gives a different sound. i usually do mine around the neck pick up area. thats around where the 24th fret would be. i find the harmonics sound good around the pickups.
Just be sure that your the thumb of your pick hand hits the strings at the exact same time as your pick and stops touching the string at the exact same time your pick stops touching the sting. That's how I do it.
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Thats what i was going to say. It depends on where you are going to do the harmonic. Ex. If you are going to play a pinch harmonic on the 7th fret of the G string - i find that i get the best sound when i pinch it with my right hand in between the middle and neck pickup. But if i play a harmonic on the 5th fret of the G string, the harmonic is stronger when i pinch closer to the pickup. Basically you need to mess around and find where you get the best sound to do the harmonic.
it wont be cheating, it will just give you a different sound if you do them in different palces. like if i just played the open high e and everytime i strike it i do a pinch harmonic, i can move my picking hand up and down the string and you will hear the notes changing a bit(getting higher or lower harmonics) try it. this works on all the strings and not just with open notes.

you dont need to move your hand to different postitions though. maybe he just didnt know you could change the sound by moving his hand? like i said i usually only do it around the neck pickup but i dont do them that much. im mostly a blues/rock player and ill use them sometimes to make a bent note higher pitched. sometimes ill even pinch harmonic a chord. gives a cool sound when you can do it.
I don't think too much about, but I basically press the hell out of the string
hold it , bend it , wiggle it and what not.
I think It has more to do with the way I use my pick or a combination of both.

Once you get good at it , you can do it anywhere with whatever finger.

As someone stated the G string on the 7th fret is a good place to start.