$2,000 100 watt all tube amp and $1,000 15-40watt all tube amp
In terms of sound quality, how would you compare it?
Are the $2,000 all tube amps only expensive due to it's high watt and loudness or does it have better sound quality then smaller amps?

Yes, in general, i think that the high price reflects the high wattage. That being said, you can find a 15 watt tube amp that is much more expensive than a 100 watter. It comes down to what you want to do with it. Look for something that sounds good to you, thats all that matters.
Don't only look at the price VS. Wattage, but look at the brand, if it fits your genre/needs, try the amps out. All those elements count.
It's really not all that tough to find an amp under 20W that's in the $2k range, either.

Tough to answer your question being that it's so vague. Better to compare specific amps and brands.

In general, I'll tell you that 100W is overkill, and that you can handle almost any gig with a quality 30W amp. I'd put the quality of the product far ahead of the size of it. People who approach it from the other direction are the ones who end up with 120W MG's,Spiders, or Valvekings.
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If the amps were exactly the same except for the wattage, the only benefit to the higher wattage one is more clean headroom.

With that extra $1000 you'd save by getting the lower wattage amp, you could just buy a different amp to use for cleans (Roland JC120 ).
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Go for sound, not wattage or how expensive it is.
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