Hey guys and girls

I have a band that is going really well creatively and we've played a few songs at the random college concerts and played a few half an hour sets at a venue that basically accepts anybody on Saturday afternoons (which is never a big turn out and we've exhausted all our friends and family members so the next time we play there, we're gonna be playing to an empty room).
Trouble is, we can't seem to get any other gigs outside of that. I've contacted the bigger venues in the city through the channels they have instructed but have had no reply whatsoever.

Does anybody have advice on how best to get our feet in the doors of these bigger venues? It is really frustrating having all this positive creativity and not being able to perform it.

Thanks for your help!
It may be different where you're at (I doubt it) but perhaps look up local booking agencies on myspace and ask if they have any shows you could get on? Just an idea, it works for my band though, once you start getting your name out there more of them will be interested.
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I had this same problem... they never respond to e-mails.

My advice? They do respond to phone calls. lol
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^Yeah, phone calls seem to work. You actually get to talk the owner or whatever(maybe)and get to know them and explain what your band is about.

And Demos, Connections with friends who have friends, word of mouth, and marching through the mall proclaiming how your band should play at the Venue!

That last one was a joke, but maybe....

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I wrote a long post about places to play a few weeks ago. The person who asked it was a teen. Since you are a student I'll give you some other options:

Look for radio sponsered live music shows. A few radio stations in my area hosts local band shows at bars in which 4 or 5 bands may play in one night. Try to jump on one of these. You may run into the owner while you are there.

Since you have played at your college... play at other ones in the area!

Try opening for a better band in your area who is playing the bigger venues.

The person who said talking to them in person gave the best advice. Tuesday seems to be the day when most booking agents are there. If the owner does the booking. Try to visit them when the bar first opens or in between 2pm and 4pm when only unemployed losers are drinking.
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go for other colleges, they are good venues and different types of people will see you

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Thank you to each and every one of you for the advice you have given!
I shall try to put as many of these into practise as possible!
Thanks again!