first am i in the right forum?

If i am what do ye think of them? I love their music! its really relaxing and i love the lyrics!
They're great. "Round Here" is amazing. Somewhere on YouTube they have that performance from Pinkpop, which is great.
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Instant Bob Dylan.
Their "popular songs" like Big Yellow Taxi aren't great. The greatest hits album is unbelievable!!
one of my all-time favorite bands. don't listen to them much these days but i did - constantly- when i was a depressed teenager. saw them in concert, too. they sound great live.

if you haven't already, you should check out their vh1 storytellers performance on the album 'across a wire'. you can also find the videos on youtube. i'd say this show was their crowning achievement.
great band.

in the uk they don't seem to get the acclaim that they deserve. but regardless, they have some amazing songs.
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emos forever
Mr Jones is an awesome song

dont know many others though
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Mr. jones and a long december. My dad used to listen to those 2 songs too much. They have been burned into my brain at this point.