Probably a silly question!

I've got a Vox Cambridge amp, 30watts. This isn't loud enough for band, suprisingly. The gain tone is amazing though. I have a Fender Stage 160 amp, twin 12" speakers etc. Nice and loudish.

Is it possible for me to go guitar -> Vox amp -> Fender amp?

The Vox has three outputs at the back, one is headphones, one is 8 ohm 30 watt speaker, and the last one is line out. If I just use a regular lead from the line out of the Vox to the input of my Fender will it work ok? I know there will be the Fender's sound and effects over the vox one, but I'm most worried about shorting something. I don't see why it would, but the Vox amp seems increasingly rare and sounds too good to risk damaging!!!

Thanks in advance people!
Why don't you just buy a cab for the Vox?
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Because I won't have the money spare until after uni, ie. years!!! Plus as the Fender is loud enough, I don't really see the point yet. And a mesa boogie is hopefully on it's way soon.