Hey people!

Please rate my cover of Iron Maiden - Futureal.


easy to find, you gotta scroll down a little

Crit for crit btw (if you just tell me where your song is, I'll go have a listen)

Recording equipment = cheap adn basic
Drums and bass = Guitar Pro 5

cheers everyone
i really liked this. i liked the solo. this song is really good. think you can cover the trooper or run to the hills next?
Good cover from the simple song. Chorus and solo were bit sloppy and few mistakes. You did good work with the dips in the solo I suggest you adding more distortion to lead guitar. And maybe tou can sing vocals on this or ask someone else to sing

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Sounds really good, to be honest I don't have any crits really as I don't play electric often myself and this is not really my favourite genre. But it sounds really good.
Cheers man!

Also, in answer to Swat_man, I'd love to do 'the trooper', but loads of people cover this. I may also do 'Prowler', cos its such a melodic song, and you get to use the wah! 'Face on the sand' is my favorite also, and has clean and distorted

But there will be a next one! But the feedback for this is very helpful in letting me improve the recordings, so many thanx for those so far.
I havent heard this song befeore so I searched it on youtube.... this big guy dressed as a monster came on stage suring the solos and had a fight with the lead singer.... so cheesy but it made me laugh.

Anyway, your song. I must also complement you on your recording quality, it's not easy for us on a budget. You have better tone then me, do you mic an amp or Di?

The lead-ish playing througout sounds sloppy, and too loose rythmically. You might want to work on that. The rythm sound fine though.

The solo - sound a little to trebly and biting, could do with more bottom end. Also quite sloppy playing, but it sounds decent.

Good effort and thenks for the crit!
I play through the line-out of my amp (vox ad50vt). It is a brilliant amp with a superb live sound, and I've got a microphone (Shure pg-57), however the volume required to get a decent signal level when using the mic. is far too high (not for me, but for my neighbours lol, we live in a terraced house)
Iron Maiden, is my favorite band with out a doubt!
Also, Futureal is my favorite song from the VXI album, except from The Clansman, wich is also a brilliant song.
Anyway, I think you did a damn good job on the guitar solo, and the rest of the songs is good to, with a few mistakes though. Most importanly, you seem to keep the speed and the rythm, wich is very important in this song (I know its important in all songs! )
Another thing, alot of people say that you play a little sloppy, well... Jannick plays sloppy to, so maybe you just playing it correct!

All in all, I think you did a very good job! My you could cover Children of the Damned next time?

By the way, If you want to, then please crit my band!

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Children of the damned is also a good song to cover i suppose, but does anyone know the best way to try to emulate the acoustic guitars using my Ibanez rg350?