i've been playing about a year 3 months, am wondering should i be better than i am now..........

some of the harder songs for me that i can play good are for

unholy confessions - A7x
dying in your arms - Trivium
killing in the name of - Rage
stairway to heaven - Zepplin
readymade - Rhcp
cry me a river - Lostprohets

should i be better

note that i don't play eight hours a day and so on
more about that a week
dude, everyones different. stop worrying and start playing.
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dude, everyones different. stop worrying and start playing.

am not worried, just curious
i don't really have a desire to play in a band etc so am fine with how good/bad i am
I play the same as you. I don't practice 10 hours a day. Those are pretty good for 3 months of playing. I only learnt my first song about 2 months after I got my guitar and started playing chords n' stuff.

Don't feel bad, keep practicing.

If Matt Heafy plays better than you, it's cos he's been playing longer.
its a good list but what can u do on your own? i mean u can play hard songs but can you write songs? can u solo? can u improvise? i mean of course everyone plays differently and progresses differently but i would say at this stage (ive been playen about the same time) u should start looking at theory to help to create your own music
Well, I think you're basically on track.

I've been playing for two and a half years... and basically the best I can do are solos to Sublime and RHCP.

I can also play the easier Iron Maiden material.

No more A7X, or you'll unlearn guitar.
everyone learns at their own pace. Its all about the practice so dont be comparing yourself to other people who have played a similar amount of time...........some people sit and play guitar all day long.
i dont know, iv been playing for 1 year and 2 months and i can play all that with theyr full solos, (self taught by the way) and a lot of other songs xept lost prophets cuz i dont know that song.

but yeah your on the right track i guess, just learn more and try to write your own stuff
dude it all depends on how much time you spend practicing and how much you practice different things....

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It took me like 2 and a half years to get to the level where I could play all the songs that you just listed.
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that is a pretty good list for such a short time. unholy confessions was the first song i fully learned when i first started taking guitar seriously.
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If you can play all of them comfortably or decently... You were further ahead than I was at that time. Don't worry about it. Just watch your technique.
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i have been playing for the same amount of time as you, and i can play unholy confessions, readymade and dying in your arms all well, however not the solos, im not too good at that, im much better at rythm stuff.

also, im not into a7x or trivium
ever tried any Opeth?
i recently got into them, thier stuff, to me, is interesting and challenging.
im a big RHCP fan however, and can play all thier songs, same goes for Metallica