does anyone know why ol' Dickey isnt playin with the Allman brothers band anymore? Warren and Derek kill on guitar, but I was just wondering if they had a falling out with the Dickster.
I didn't know he wasn't.
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Yeah, it was basically because he and Gregg Allman fell out big time, and in 2000 the band asked him to leave, for 'personal and professional reasons'. He filed a lawsuit against the others and it all turned nasty, he left for good, and Derek Trucks joined (and Warren Haynes came back).
Thats kinda what I figured. Man I love dickey's songs, but he comes off as an ol' pissed of hillbilly. Oh well, Allmans rule with or without him.
Absolutely. In fact i think with the current line up the band are sounding better than ever. With Derek on board it's almost like having Duane back.
definetly, i got the live at the beacon dvd from like 03 i think, and it is so good imo. derek and warren rule together, gregg sounds awesome again too!! Thanks for the dickey update! peace