Hey guys,

Looking for some advice on Bareknuckle pickups. I asked on their board, but they all disagreed with each other, just looking for a more objective point of you. Looking for a bridge pickup to go in a Schecter S-1 Elite, to be played through an ENGL Screamer, for hard rock, punk, hardcore and light metal.

I'm looking for something aggressive, loud and open, but articulate and with lots of clarity. Loud and hot, punch in the guy style rather than inherently gainy. I'm not looking for something narrow, tight and compressed as I don't play modern metal. Looking for tight, defined bass, real punchy mids (especially low-mid crunch) and trebles that are wel-defined but not too prominent.

At the moment I'm looking at the Nailbomb, Painkiller and Cold Sweat bridge pickups... Which one should I choose? Or should I choose another?
Open, articulate, aggressive=Nailbomb. Its probably the most versatile of the higher output BKPs. I'm getting a Nailbomb 7 pretty soon and for basically the same reasons why you would want one heeh. The nailbombs are a nice middy pickup but the VHII is another one you could look at. Actually, the VHII might be more suitable for you. Tough choice now haha.
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