Do you guys have any tips on how you should study? I am quite new to this because usually everything comes easy, but I haven't been doing well in Geometry (everything is either hit or miss) so I am just wondering how do you guys approach studying?
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Put a radio on in the backgorund, not the TV. thats all the advice I can offer you. Dont be tempted to use your PC for revision, youll just toss it off by posting threads on here.
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Stop delaying the studying by making posts on a forum for a start

I just sit at my table, put in my headphones and settle down to it. Although it helps if you've got a rough idea of what you want to do.

Never study for more than 2 hours in one go though...
I listen to music while I'm studying and it seems to help me.
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i used to just make things as simple as possible. start with the most basic stuff then slowly work up to what its asking. i found by studying like that you get a good understanding of whatever it is you're studying. reading through what i just wrote i realise it dosent make much sense.

thankfully, i no longer need to study cos ive done it all and passed.