um yaa im learning welcome home by coheed and cambria....and i pretty much got it down except for about half of the solo and the pinch harmonics....

i know what a natural harmonic is....and i tried reading other posts about pinch harmonics and i still dont really know what im doing.....so ya can any1 explain what a pinch harmonic is and how to make that like squealing sound....and can u make it relatively simple...? plz and thnx..
Okay, basically pinch harmonics are a way of holding the pick so that the bottom of your thumb gently touches the string after you pick it, making it squeal. It takes a fair amount of practice, you'll need to use a lot of gain and volume, preferably a humbucker in the bridge position, and also move your picking hand around a little bit to find the "sweet spots". Good places to start are on the frets with natural harmonics. The 12th usually works fine for practicing, on the G string.

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when I first tried to learn, i could never do it my first try, now I can pull a good sounding one off when ever I want. It takes practise.
It's really hard to describe...it's best to see it yourself.

What you gotta do is sort of "choke" on your pick: slide your thumb down a bit so only the very tip of the pick is showing. Now dig into the string. As it bounces up, it'll hit the side of your thumb sounding a harmonic.

It's actually the same principle as a natural harmonic, only you use your thumb instead of a fretting finger.
You really have to see it to understand it. you should go find a video lesson on this if you really want to get it.
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A natural harmonic occurs because you're damping the string at what's called a "node" - this alters the vibration, cancelling some frequencies and leaving the harmonic. A normal guitar note is made up of lots of different frequencies - it's like filtering white light to leave just one colour.

If you're fretting with one hand and picking with another you don't have a spare hand to lightly fret a natural harmonic, so you have to combine picking and damping which is what you're doing when you play a pinch harmonic. If you pick and immediately damp with your thumb you'll force an artificial harmonic the same as when you play a natural harmonic. This is also why you have to feel around for the sweet spot when playing pinches at different frets. When you fret you alter the length of string that can vibrate, harmonic nodes occur at set intervals that are fractions of that length...therefore if you alter the string length you alter the positions of the nodes.
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I don't really choke up on my pick.

Just find the way to flick your wrist so its hits your string without muting it creating a squeel.
Search for it in YouTube, there are tons of instructional videos that help a lot.
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