I just 'invented' that using standard strings, its very chorus like, the second e (the a string) is tuned down, and what was the D string is also tuned down.

So what crazy tunings do you like/use?
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At first I thought that using queer tunings was like breaking the law! Then I did it on my classical guitar, and that works well.

I've got open C right now: C-G-C-G-C-E.

John Butler uses it, and I was learning to play "Ocean"
Nothing too crazy, but sounds nice
my band just wrote a song and i play C A D G B E. standard with the low C

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E A B G B Eb is prolly the wierdest ive used
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Open E can be quite interesting, use it to play some Joni Mitchell stuff.
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I've just dropped the low e on my above tuning to a, 'cause its HXC
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DADAAB - I made it up while fooling around one day.

CGDAEG - New Standard Tuning.

I mean, I use either of those two. Some open tunings every now and then, but it's usually just those two. I rarely tune to standard anymore. It's just no fun.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
Is new standard that cool? I can only think of robert fripp who uses it. and I'm sure the B and E would cry for mercy if I tuned them that high.
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i got bored and tried: ABCDEF, not the best tuning to have
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Is new standard that cool? I can only think of robert fripp who uses it. and I'm sure the B and E would cry for mercy if I tuned them that high.

Well, the B string would be fine, but you'll need an 8 gauge for that high G. Maybe 9. I know i barely managed to make it work with 10s.

And yes, I enjoy it. I feel like is distances me from the rest of the world, and I can do whatever I want with it.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
I might try it, I'm already a soundscape freak and so is fripp.

I use 10-52's atm, but I'd happily trade up and put them on a single coil guitar (maybe a tele)

I might go A-D-G-B-E-A eventually. Like a capo at the 5th fret.
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Get lost in that one
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My fav Acoustic Tuning is DADDdd

String 6 Down

String 5 and 4 stay the same

String 3 down

String 2 up

String 1 down

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Well, right now I'm using DADA or...maybe it's DGDG but I don't think so...I believe on my acoustic. The other two strings broke and I haven't replaced them so I used this strange open-esque tuning.
Eb tuning...

Oh yeah, I went there.
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I use a lot in D because its the easiest. The standard with a raised B is so I can use it as a drone in a C Caug5 F F6 progression.
a friend of mine did one where it was all tritones....
sounded like garbage.
i once tuned to:

G G G G G G.

different octaves. it was kinda fun for about 5 minutes, then i realised i only had 22 notes and i lost interest...
The most extravagant tuning I've ever used is Eb. Standard ftw.
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I use standard almost all the time, but fiddle around with open tunings for slide every now and then... open A, G, C...
DADAAD. that's one i like to use. also GDAEAE (or GDAAEE...) for mandolin like tuning, but make sure you use ultra-light strings for this tuning.
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drop Ab on my 7 string
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How's this one:
C Bb (A#) Db (C# lol) G Bb (A#) Eb(D#)- makes a nice big Cmin9 chord (C, Eb, G, Bb, Db)when all played open Great if your lazy and just want to make 6 string minor chords with 1 finger, not so great if you want to do just about anything else
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A few that I mess around with other than standard...

D F# D F# A C#

D G D F# B D


D# F# B F# A# C#

D F# C# D A C#
I use drop standard tunings quite a bit, and love to play DADGAD on an acoustic. Also with acoustic I've used DADGCE that I pulled from a Michael Hedges song.
Every string on a D, to cover a song by Kapitan Korsakov.
CGDAEG (new standard tuning), which isn't that weird, but it's weird if you're not used to it.
EADGAD, used it for a song once.
If I'm not playing in standard tuning, I'm playing in NST.

I think about learning some DADGAD or Open G stuff every once in a while, but have never followed through. Perhaps I'll try Open G when I get a guitar for learning side techniques...
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F# D# G# C# F# A# . Tuned down to A#/Bb standard with double dropped bottom string. Funky shiiit