I am in the need of some gear that enables me to record guitar (mostly atleast) at my home. I was thinking that since I already own the Line 6 GuitarPort, it would probably be sensible to get the RiffWorks software on it so I can then use it to record my playing as well.

It doesn't need to be fancy or expensive or have millions of little cool things on it, 'cause it's not what I am going to be recording serious demos or songs with: it's something to get my riffs and guitar ideas recorded with so I certainly won't mind ease of use, affordability and durability, but good quality sound is also an affecting factor in choice making.

So, anybody got something to say on this product (GuitarPort RiffWorks), anybody tried it/owns it? If it can record guitar into MP3 format and the quality is so good so that it can be enjoyed to when listening to it later on, it's easy to use and and affordable I wanna hear about it and learn more about it.

Remember: nothing fancy that needs to sound like a pro studio take, just something that will get me into home recording without disappointment over the gear atleast (my skills and musicianship are no factors here).

Thanks already for all who can help on this!
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