It has gotten the 3 flashing red lights 3 times now, but otherwise works fine for a minute or two, then freezes. (long story short: It hasn't been working properly)

I got an air compressor and blew in the vents (thinking it might've been dust- like a computer). Then it worked perfect for a couple days, and is now slowing down again.

SO, I am going to take it apart, so I can clean the inside more thoroughly, dust has to be the problem, or it wouldn't have worked perfectly for so long. I tried to take it apart but no luck. I'm starting to think it might be glued.....

Does anybody know how to take this thing apart? Any tips are appreciated too.

And I don't care about voiding the warranty as I don't have one anyway

Thanks in advance
my friend chipped his own 360, he took it apart, dont know how he did it though, theres like clips you have to undo one by one very carefully, it shoul dtell you on the internet somewhere
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Did they not rig it up so that it was pretty much impossible to open, avoiding people chipping them?

That's what I heard.
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send it to microsoft numbnuts. dont take it apart. i've learned my lesson about taking shit apart many times (i guess i never learned did i? ) be safe and send it to them. they'll probably send u a new one and toss urs aside till they got time to fix it and then some other poor sap will get urs.
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Does yours still have its warranty?

leave now noob

im pretty sure they're made not to be taken apart, but still..