Beyond Death

Very evil sounding song. Sounded more Death metal than Black metal. There was no melody in this song expect the synth section what I liked. I think you should add more melody in this song, and maybe few more riffs maybe?

Eternal Regrets

Same here, need more melody I think. I didn't like the intro riff 'cause it sounded too simple.
You are doing absolutely good work with the synths. I really like those parts, good atmosphere. I think Riff 3 didn't match so well with the synths. Riff 5 was pretty good.
Good sounding outro too

I really think you should improve your guitar riffs more. Allthough good work

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Holy crap! I liked both, but I definitley think Eternal Regrets is way better. I like the melodies and riffs more. And the Tubular Bells just adds a whole new level of eerie-ness.

Beyond Death, I think the main riff needs a little "spice", if you will.
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Mate, those are ****ing excellent.

I know it's a bit stupid to revive the thread just to say that...but those songs more than deserve it.

I wish you the best with the band!
I really liked them as they are, it does need something else but I'm not quite sure what. The 2nd one was alot better I would say.
Beyond Death is very good. I liked the contrast between heavy guitars and melodic keyboards. The keys add a lot of "evilness" to the piece, which sounds pretty decent.

Eternal Regrets is also cool, maybe better than Beyond Death. Keys here were very good, added a lot to the mood. The best part here, imo, was the keys interlude.

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Beyond Death:
I din't like the Riff 1 much, but riff 2 and 3 were realy great. I think this is the first black metal song in Drop C i saw (depends on what black metal are you aiming).

Ethernal Regret:
Yea, this one sounds realy evil. I realy liked the keys in the break!

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