Just, wondering, are Dean guitars any good. I am thinking of the Cadillac Select or the Cadillac 1980 which appears to have EMG style active pickups. Its a bit more, but I should have about $900 by the end of the year. $620 CDN for the Select, $740 for the 1980 model. So are these any good? I certainly like the look of them, and i think it nicely, and I think they are a bit more original then a Les Paul. So? any good?

P.S. I play Classic Rock, Hard Rock,. some metal, blues, 50's rock, and minor alternative stuff.
Like every person on this site will say that Deans are shit, you can probaly get a better guitar for the money, but Deans are probably pretty nice.
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I wish i had one of those ...

But yeah, They're awesome. <Check The Avatar ^^>
I'm getting myself a Razorback soon =].
deans are great, they have fast playing necks and they look nice, they also have good tone, i recomend a dean. their some of the best gutiars out there. you gotta get one of the higher end ones though, like the ones your looking at
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Dean's are pritty amazing if you buy a good priced one i currently own a Dean ML XT with Floyd Rose and damn its nice other then the stock pick-ups just change those and your in bizz bro...

You Will Feel hear And See the Diffrence when you pick up one of these babys and that for goddamn sure

The Playability on these things are just whoa... Smooth and Grippin hard to get you that nice playing style you want

The neck curves in and gets thinner around the top of the neck letting you slide much easier from that area and gives you more contact with the insterment.

- And dean's can sure take a beating i have bashed mine off god knows how many thing's there chips here and there (all but the head stock i try the hardest never to hit that) but all in all its standing up to it pritty good.

I have tryed many other modles as well the Cad's etc - If your spending about at least 900-1000$ (mine cost 987$) You will not need another guitar for a while.

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Dean's Are amazing! I Won't Settle for anything else.
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Alright, thanks. But what other guitars could I get in the price range of about $700 CDN give or take a little. (not including tax) This is one of my choices, but are there any offerings from ESP etc? I want something with EMG's, or EMG style like this one. I want some flash to it(Gold hardware, binding etc), and would prefer if it is a Les Paul style. I think this is just about my only choice.
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Maybe something like the LTD EC-400?

mmmm, I was thinking of those, they are in the same price range...but they don't have EMG's or binding. Plus, they don't really look that "classy" compared to the Dean.
The sunburst model doesn't have EGMs but the other finishes do. And I'm looking at those Dean Cadillacs right now, and none of them have any sort of EMG in them. And are you only looking for Les Paul shaped guitars?