I was just playing around, and then this lick popped into my head,
I played it and it sounds so familiar, I know it's part of a solo in a
song somewhere, but I cant remember which song.

Help please?


It may not be at those exact frets, I've played it up and down the neck and it sounds good in quite a few places. So Im not even sure if its played in the twelfth position.
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I don't know, but i think i've seen that sort of pattern a million times. Something done by Kirk Hammett maybe ?
Ah, thats probably it, I've been playing alot of Metallica solo's lately.

Maybe someone will know the actual song. Thanks ^_^
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Sounds like "Morning Glory" by Oasis...

Well that song does use alot of the 12h13p12 thingy, but I've never heard that
song before. So thats not it. But thanks