Can Someone Help Me With A Band Name?

i am having alot of trouble my brother and our friends have thought up of some but we always change them 2 or 3 days later or rarely weeks later..

i kinda want a band name that sound something like either megadeth or speed metal in general

or red hot chili peppers or somthing around in that area or mabye something that has to do with heavy metal

Your Mom
The ultimate band name. If someone is listening to your cd, then another person asks what they are listening to they can say "Your Mom"
I don't know if this is the right forum for this...

But try just list words that sound "m4t3l" to you and go from there, maybe use one of those random name generators
omg, if u cant even make a name then what kinda band are u? u should be able to figure it out urself.. not like" oh someone help me, i need a band name".. make a poll maybe of your band name ideas so peoples can say what they like?
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You should be Weezer 2! or Dream Theater 2! The possibilities are endless...
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ok some of the band names are right in my brain

Kat Knip (i already have song names for this one)= mine
the others i dont know or remember them
Wrong forum
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