Hey everyone.

I tried posting this in another forum, but didn't get great responce. I am looking to replace the stock pups in my epi les paul. I have been considering getting a duncan SH-2 jazz in the neck, and then either a SH-4, SH-5, or SH-6 in the bridge. I want something pretty versatile, I play a large variety of rock. I'm gonna be getting a fender hot rod deluxe, and use a Marshall guv'nor 2 and a Boss DS-1 for distortion. I you have any suggestions among these pickups, or know anything else I shold be considering I would love to hear about it. Appreciated.
we have a lot in common, I am in the same situation.
I also see a Demetri Martin quote in your profile. He is one of my favorite comics.

Anyways, I think I am going with the Hot Rodded Set (Jazz in neck, SH4 in bridge) however, I can't tell you anything about it because I haven't done it yet.

This is for my les paul as well.
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SH 4 or SH 5 imo

the neck version of the '59 sounds good as well, but the jazz is also good

or for real power in the bridge, get a Nailbomb(bare knuckle)pickup if you can
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wow noah, yeah lots in common. demetri martin is my favorite. and thanks you two for the input. anyone else?