When I was at the namm show, I came across the foxx pedal booth. The man running the booth really like my playing. He also said that an endorsement is not out of the question. This week, my mom sent him an e-mail about it. This is his reply.

Hey Robin,

Thanks for the note and the pictures. I really appreciate it.

It was great to meet you and Nolan, too! It was a blast to watch him play. He is so good and so professional. I was also impressed by his calmness and maturity for someone so young.

I know exactly what you mean about being swamped. It has been non-stop since NAMM and I just got back from a trip and I'm trying to catch up on everything.

Have Nolan look at our website www.foxxpedals.com and let me know if he'd rather have a Tone Machine, a Foot Phaser, or a Fuzz Wah Volume pedal and I will get it out to him right away.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

All the best,


Mark Simonsen

So, my question is which pedal would be the best? I've only played the Fuzz wah volume and it is an excellent pedal.
man, your lucky, i really like Foxx pedals, i played the Tone Machine and the Fuzz Wah, i really liked the Wah, really great sound. i'd suggest that.
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Cool beans. It looks like they have some nice stuff.
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yes, it sounds really good too, its very natural sounding with the gain down, it has great sustain too (well duh, has a knob for it) and it wails, think players tone such as Hendrix (purple haze and similiar tones)
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^cool. I play my jsx at night at low volumes at night and it would be nice to have a wet, fuzzy, saturated sound.
thats sweet dude

which one are you getting?
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Lucky bastard!

Go and play them in a shop if you can find them.

And are you in a band? Because it wouldn't make much sense endorsing you if you're not...
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