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So I just finished my daily practice, and today I practiced for about 3 hours (Its usually around 2-3) and when I'm making some food my ma tells me "Myabe you shouldn't play too much guitar you know". This got me really pissed off. She then proceeded to tell me that I should socialize more, even though I jam with friends all the time, which is my "socializing". They say I'm unsocial becuase I don't like hanging out with my chav cousins, who only ever talk about mobile phones or crappy cars with spoilers etc.

It's not even like I play an extreme amount, there's people on here that play 5+ hours.

So, anyone else ever hear this bullshit?
I don't really talk to my parents, so no.
Raaaaage dump

But yeah that's a pretty bad thing to say, unless you have exams coming up or something
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Help me to live.

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My parents said that to me once. They never did again. I shouted at them and played my guitar with the amp turned up full all night.
I do 8 hours a day sometimes, your parents would hate me.
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yeah same here i turned my amp up full blast, opened the door to my practice room, and let er rip
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most ppl who practice on here 5+ hours a day are well grown up and have that time to devote to playing guitar. but i think it is a little unfair to say your cousins are so narrowly characterized, to them you're probably just someone who talks abuot guitar non-stop, like all of us on here.
but don't take it to heart man, parents just don't want you to think you're wasting your youth away, peace easy
**** your parents (not literally) And when (and if) you get famous, give them no money. You are expressing yourself, and that is ****loads better than hanging out with a bunch of ****ing chavs. I spend about 4/5 hours a day playing guitar and listening to music, and it is a great way to live
i get it all the time, even on the run up top music finals
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She then turned away and whimpered.
School days I spend 4+ hours, weekends, and holidays etc I spend 7/8 hours +, unleses I have better things to do
You guys have lax parents. Turning amp up full blast at night? Either you're lying or spoilt.
My parents are under the impression (which is probably true) that without a creative outlet (guitar) I'd go insane, so they applaud me when I lock myself in my room for hours and play. So no, I'm good.
Who dat?
If you're into incest please keep it to yourself, we were talking about time spent playing the guitar, not how much you'd like to play with your mothers vagina.
Nope, my dad's a musician...he knows the low down.
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The only grief I get about my guitar playing is when I get yelled at to turn my amp down lol
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yeah i get that every now and then. but sometimes they want to say it but they just say "dont you have homework to work on?"
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You guys have lax parents. Turning amp up full blast at night? Either you're lying or spoilt.

Neither, just a strong door lock.
I'm very lucky to have parents who actively support any musical endeavours I'm involved in.
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My parents tell me i spend way to much time online and playing guitar, not enough time studieying and chores but i really dont care i love my guitar.
^This post was probably sarcastic


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Nope. They are happy that I play guitar. But they constantly tell me that I spend too much time on the PC

I'll say your parents say that coz they hate your playing and they think your no good, lol Im joking btw but still, funny to think about

hey you know what, keep playing, dont listen to parents they are stupid throw em a nickel and say heres 5cents buy a clue, atleast 3+ hours a day, you'll be a great guitarist when your an adult
my mo msays it
and well idunno what to reply with
i love it, dont care what anyone else says its the best feelin ever
only thing that comes close is snowboarding in the hobby section
I think mine are just pleased I actually use the 'expesnive item they bought for me' and so I receive no complaints about how much I play.
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they are mad at you for playing guitar, Just u may spend too much time and they dont think u have ur priorities straight
^This post was probably sarcastic


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I used to get it all the time but my parents realized its my passion and respect it as i do my parents hobbies as long as my playing isnt to loud their cool with it, my playing time varies on what i have to do so i cant put a time frame on it. but normaly 4-5 hours. not as much as i'd like to but it'll do.
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I think it is nice that they care.
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I dont usally "practise" guitar as such, but when I do, its usally not plugged into an amp, i just sit behind the computer with my tele on my lap.

I used to practise drums ALL the time, but I sort of died a bit inside when I left school, as i had been in the schools Orchestra and Jazz band for nearly 7 years and the schools art and drama dep were upset because I was like "THE musician" , however a very recluse character.

My parents got real upset asking "why dont you play drums anymore?" I just tell them ive lost interest really.

A real cool thing happened the other day. I sold one of my old PA systems on ebay for £70, and the guy asked if he could collect it on the same night. turns out he lived only 2 miles away in another village, and he brought his guitar round to have a go to check the speakers worked. he wanted them for his daughters paino so she could jam with him, but then he was quick to say "oh, ive got a band aswell, do you know any"

DO I?! Im back in an awsome band again, it feels great.
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My parents said that to me once. They never did again. I shouted at them and played my guitar with the amp turned up full all night.

dude thats ****ing awsome. you rock. i only say that cause i would've done the sam...and i rock
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That probably means you arent any good and theyre sick of hearing your attempt at being a musician.


unless you really do suck, in which case you should be honest with yourself and play a bit quieter if so.
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When I lived at home my dad hated the fact that I even played guitar and he would always come in my room and make sure I wasnt playing it.

He said he could hear me playing and it annoyed him.... This is with an electric guitar that was never plugged into an amp... and I was on the 2nd floor, there was no way he could hear it.

Every so often I would come home and I would see my strings cut and him waiting in my room telling me I would never amount to anything....

Last month he saw me perform and said to everyone how he backed me all the way and that I was so close to giving up and he made me play....

If looks could kill he would be dead a million times over.

You got it easy mate.
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They are actually proud and happy of me playing alot. I guess I have nice parents.
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