I'm wanting to join in on the pedalboard buisness, and I have quite a few pedals. My dad works in an office building with something like 50 staff, so he can get me a breifcase easily. Are there any DIY pedals that give you everything you need to build it in one kit. Like, everything, all the tools as well?
And for a pedalboard, Is it a better idea to use plywood to make a removable board?
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Obviously we should play the UG theme.

Theres no kit for DIY pedals that gives you all the tools man... You just have to go out and buy em. Go to www.generalguitargadgets.com and they should have a run down on the tools to buy in the Builder Info section.
You call 3 a lot? IMO, save that money for a decent amp, and sell your 3 crap ones. Nice guitars, though.

I got 5 pedals, and soon to be 6, which reminds me: When's that tank coming, kerry?
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