I was thinking of getting my amp (peavey xxx 112) serviced, and getting the tubes replaced, since their stock tubes and i want to try get the best sound out of my kit.

But i have no idea what type of tubes to get. There are two things in the back that glow so i presume their tubes. So can i just get any preamp tube and poweramp tube for it?
I read the tube review thread and if thats the case, how does a Tung sol 12ax7 and a JJ EL34?

And help or advice would be greatly apreciated since im new at tubes amps.
head over to eurotubes.com and check out what they have, send bob an email and he'll help you out. the service is really great and the JJEL34s are awesome sounding.
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from what I've heard, tungsol & JJ tubes are the best way to go. I would go all tungsol on my VK, but I need the JJ 6L6GC. so I'll probably go all JJ when I retube.